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Elevate your culinary experience with our Kerala Spice Combo Pack Of 15, directly sourced from the heart of Idukki, Kerala, India.


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100% Organic from Natural farms
We cultivate everything for you! delivers the finest homemade farm-fresh spices direct from our organic farm.

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This comprehensive pack boasts a diverse selection of premium organic spices, adding depth and richness to your cooking. Crafted with care and dedication, we guarantee that our spices are free from harmful chemicals or preservatives, ensuring the purest and most authentic flavors for your meals.

Our combo pack includes the following spice powders:

  1. Cardamom 7mm (100g) – provides a sweet and floral aroma to your dishes.
  2. Staranise (100g) – infuses a licorice-like flavor into your meals.
  3. Cinnamon Roll (100g) – perfect for adding warmth and sweetness to your desserts.
  4. Black Pepper (100g) – adds a bold and spicy kick to your savory dishes.
  5. Clove (100g) – brings a sweet and slightly bitter note to your culinary creations.
  6. Nutmeg (100g) – imparts a nutty and sweet flavor to your dishes.
  7. Nutmace (50g) – adds a mild flavor and aroma to your meals.
  8. Bayleaf (50g) – enhances your dishes with its rich and herbal flavor.
  9. White Pepper (100g) – introduces a subtle heat to your preparations.
  10. Asafoetida/Kayam (100g) – brings a mild garlic and onion flavor to your meals.
  11. Kokum- Malabar Tamarind (100g) – contributes a tangy taste to your dishes.
  12. Fennel Seeds (100g) – adds a sweet and slightly licorice-like flavor to your meals.
  13. Cumin Seeds (100g) – imparts a nutty and earthy flavor to your dishes.
  14. Turmeric (100g) – a bright yellow color and a warm and slightly bitter taste.
  15. Dry Ginger (100g) – perfect for adding a spicy and warming taste to your dishes.

Key Benefits:

  • Organic and devoid of harmful chemicals or preservatives.
  • Sourced directly from the heart of Kerala, India.