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Enhance your culinary ventures with our Spices Box Premium, carefully curated to provide you with the finest selection of essential spices.


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Sourced and handpicked with precision, this premium box promises to enrich your dishes with authentic flavors and tantalizing aromas. Please note that product availability may vary depending on the season. Customized products are also available upon request.

Spices Included:

  1. Cardamom 8mm (100gm)
  2. Black Pepper (100gm)
  3. Cloves (100gm)
  4. Cinnamon Roll (100gm)
  5. Star Anise (100gm)
  6. Black Cardamom (100gm)
  7. Cumin Seeds (250gm)
  8. Fennel Seeds (100gm)
  9. Nutmeg (100gm)
  10. Nutmace (50gm)
  11. Turmeric
  12. Green Pepper
  13. White Pepper
  14. Birds Eye Chilli
  15. Allspice

With our Spices Box Premium, you can embark on a culinary journey filled with rich and authentic flavors, adding depth and character to your dishes. Contact us for customized products tailored to your specific preferences and requirements.