Garlic Powder | വെളുത്തുള്ളി | लहसुन पाउडर


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Ginger powder is a popular spice made from dried and ground ginger roots. Known for its warm, spicy, and slightly sweet flavor, it is widely used in various cuisines and is recognized for its numerous health benefits.


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Health Benefits:

  • Alleviating nausea and aiding digestion.
  • Reducing inflammation and supporting joint health.
  • Boosting the immune system and promoting overall well-being.
  • Acting as an antioxidant and potentially lowering the risk of certain chronic diseases.

How to Use:

  • Add it to both sweet and savory dishes, including curries, soups, and desserts, to impart a distinctive flavor.
  • Brew it into ginger tea or incorporate it into other beverages for a soothing and spicy drink.
  • Use it in marinades and rubs for meats and vegetables to enhance their taste profile.

How to Store:

  • Keep it in an airtight container in a cool, dark place away from moisture and direct sunlight.
  • Ensure that the container is tightly sealed to prevent the entry of moisture, which can cause the powder to clump.

Different Languages:

  • Malayalam: ഇഞ്ചി പൊടി (Inchi Podi)
  • Tamil: இஞ்சி தூள் (Inji Thool)
  • Kannada: ಶುಂಠಿ ಪುಡಿ (Shunthi Pudi)
  • Telugu: అల్లం పొడి (Allam Podi)
  • Hindi: सौंठ पाउडर (Sonth Powder)
  • Arabic: مسحوق الزنجبيل (Mas’hūq alzanjabīl)