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 Anjanakkal, also known as Surma Stone, is a traditional cosmetic product used in various cultures for its eye-enhancing properties. It is typically in the form of a dark-colored stone and is applied to the eyes for cosmetic and therapeutic purposes.

mote overall well-being in infants.


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Health Benefits:

  • Eye Coolant: Anjanakkal is believed to have a cooling effect on the eyes, offering relief from eye strain and fatigue.
  • Antibacterial Properties: It may possess antibacterial properties that can help prevent certain eye infections.
  • Traditional Cosmetic Use: Anjanakkal is commonly used as a cosmetic product for enhancing the appearance of the eyes.

How to Use:

  • Anjanakkal can be applied around the eyes in a manner similar to eyeliner or kajal.
  • It is traditionally applied to the waterline or the edges of the eyelids to enhance the appearance of the eyes.

How to Store:

  • Store Anjanakkal in a cool, dry place, away from moisture and direct sunlight, to maintain its quality and effectiveness.

Different Languages:

  • English: Anjanakkal | Surma Stone
  • Malayalam: അഞ്ചനക്കൾ (Anjanakkal)
  • Tamil: அஞ்சநக்கல் (Anjanakkal)
  • Kannada: ಅಂಜನಕ್ಕಲ್ (Anjanakkal)
  • Telugu: అంజనక్కల్ (Anjanakkal)
  • Hindi: अंजन (Anjan)
  • Arabic: الأنجان (Al’anjan)