Karuvelam Pattai | Mesquite Bark (Raw)


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Karuvelam Pattai, also known as Mesquite Bark, is derived from the Prosopis juliflora tree. It is commonly used in traditional medicine for its various health benefits and nutritional properties.


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Health Benefits:

  1. Blood Sugar Regulation: Karuvelam Pattai is believed to have properties that can help regulate blood sugar levels.
  2. Digestive Health: It may aid in improving digestion and relieving gastrointestinal issues.
  3. Anti-Inflammatory: It has anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce inflammation in the body.
  4. Oral Health: Karuvelam Pattai is used in some cultures for its potential benefits in maintaining oral hygiene.
  5. Nutritional Value: It contains essential nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

How to Use:

  • Decoction: Boil the raw bark in water to make a decoction and consume it once or twice daily.
  • Powdered Form: Grind the bark into a fine powder and add it to your food or beverages.

How to Store:

  • Store the raw Karuvelam Pattai in a dry, cool place, away from direct sunlight, in an airtight container.

Different Languages:

  • English: Karuvelam Pattai | Mesquite Bark (Raw)
  • Malayalam: കരുവേലം പട്ട | മെസ്ക്വിറ്റ് ബാർക്ക് (കച്ചവട)
  • Tamil: கருவேலம் பட்டை | மெஸ்கிட் பார்க் (பழுப்பு)
  • Kannada: ಕರುವೇಲಂ ಪಟ್ಟಾಯ | ಮೆಸ್ಕ್ವಿಟ್ ಬಾರ್ಕ್ (ಕಚ್ಚ)
  • Telugu: కరువేలం పట్టాయి | మెస్కీట్ బార్క్ (రాలు)
  • Hindi: कारुवेलम पट्टी | मेस्कीट बार्क (कच्चा)
  • Arabic: كاروفيلام باتتاي | لحاء المسكيت (خام)