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Spice Drops Chai Masala Extract comes in a convenient 5ml aseptic glass bottle, providing enough essence to infuse approximately 180 glasses of your cherished chai with an unparalleled blend of flavor and emotion.


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Each drop of this Chai Masala Extract delivers a potent and intoxicating essence, ensuring that every sip of your chai is a delightful and enriching experience, fully worth every penny spent.

Why Spice Drop:

  • Economical and Space-Saving: One bottle of Spice Drop Chai Masala is equivalent to 4.5 ounces (125 grams) of Chai Spice powder, making it both economical and space-saving.
  • Long Shelf Life: Enjoy the convenience of an extended shelf life, preserving the full flavor and essence of the spices, unlike traditional spice powders.
  • Organized and Tidy: Say goodbye to messy kitchen counters, as Spice Drops offer a tidy and efficient way to prepare your favorite masala chai without any hassle.

Squeeze, Drop, Stir: Indulge in the convenience of preparing masala chai effortlessly with the Chai Masala Extract. Simply squeeze a drop into a cup of plain tea, and experience the seamless blending of spices without the need for cooking or brewing. Each drop promises a consistent and delightful taste, ensuring a hassle-free and aromatic chai experience with every sip. Enjoy the goodness and richness of pure spices, transforming your ordinary tea into an extraordinary chai indulgence.