Garlic Extract 5ml


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Spice Drop Garlic Extract offers the intense flavor of garlic without the inconvenience of peeling and chopping fresh garlic cloves.


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Spice Drop Garlic Extract

Key Features:

  • Rich Garlic Essence: Each 5ml bottle contains about 180 drops, delivering the intense flavor of garlic to your dishes.
  • Versatile Use: A convenient addition to beverages, curries, gourmet dishes, dips, crisps, and sauces, elevating the taste profile effortlessly.
  • Long Shelf Life: Enjoy the full essence of garlic without compromise; Spice Drops have an extended shelf life compared to dried spices, maintaining quality and flavor.

Why Spice Drop:

Space-saving and versatile, Spice Drops offer diverse spice and herb combinations, perfect for enhancing culinary creations without cluttering your kitchen. They’re ideal for beverages, ensuring an enriched taste experience.

How to Use:

Add a drop of Garlic Extract at any stage of cooking or brewing to elevate flavors instantly. Simplify your cooking process and enjoy the intense taste and aroma of garlic without handling fresh cloves.