Cinnamon Extract 5ml


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Spice Drop Cinnamon Extract is the perfect addition to elevate the taste of your beverages, desserts, and cereals. Extracted from the finest Cinnamon from Ceylon, this bottle is a journey of sweetness and spice, enhancing the flavor profile of your dishes.


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Spice Drop Cinnamon Extract

Key Points:

  • Quality Ingredients: Packed with pure Ceylon Cinnamon, each 5ml bottle contains 180 drops of rich flavor.
  • Pure and Versatile: Free from additives, this extract elevates baking, cooking, and beverages with its aromatic essence.
  • Convenient Usage: A single drop enhances teas, coffees, and dishes, offering a warm, sweet cinnamon flavor.

Why Spice Drop:

One bottle equals 2.7 ounces of whole cinnamon, eliminating the need for grinding or crushing. The compact bottle saves space and maintains the extract’s original flavor.

How to Use:

Add a drop to beverages or dishes for a delightful taste of cinnamon, elevating the flavor profile of both sweet and savory creations.