Chocolate Coffee Powder


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Chocolate Coffee Powder is a delightful blend of rich cocoa and premium coffee, offering a luxurious and indulgent beverage experience. This fusion combines the bold flavors of coffee with the smooth, velvety taste of chocolate, creating a treat for the senses.

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Health Benefits:

  • Antioxidant Properties: Both coffee and dark chocolate are known for their antioxidant content, which can help combat oxidative stress.
  • Mood Enhancement: The combination of coffee and chocolate may contribute to improved mood and mental alertness.
  • Potential Metabolic Boost: Coffee has been associated with a temporary increase in metabolic rate, aiding in calorie burning.

How to Store:

  • Keep it in an airtight container or resealable packaging in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and moisture.
  • Ensure the container is tightly sealed to prevent the powder from clumping and to preserve its aroma and taste over time.

Different Languages:

  • Malayalam: ചോക്ക്ലേറ്റ് കോഫി പൊടി (Chōkkleṟṟ kōphi poṭi)
  • Tamil: மொக்கா காபி தூள் (Mokkā Kāpi Tūḷ)
  • Kannada: ಚಾಕೊಲೇಟ್ ಕಾಫಿ ಪುಡಿ (Cākōlēṭ kāphi puḍi)
  • Telugu: చాక్లెట్ కాఫీ పొడి (Cākleṭ kāphī poḍi)
  • Hindi: चॉकलेट कॉफ़ी पाउडर (Chocolate Coffee Powder)
  • Arabic: مسحوق الشوكولاتة والقهوة (Mas’hūq alshwklattat walaqhwah)