Red Chilli Extract 5ml


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The Spice Drop Red Chilli Extract is presented in a 5ml glass bottle, containing a total of 180 drops of fiery Lal Mirch essence. This extract packs a punch of spice to elevate your curries, biryanis, or any other delicacies you’re cooking.


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Spice Drop Red Chilli Extract

Key Features:

  • Convenient Use: Liquid form allows easy addition at the end of cooking for customizable spiciness without flavor loss.
  • Potency: 5ml extract equals 100g of Red Chilli powder, ensuring rich flavor in small doses.
  • Enhanced Flavor: Retains authentic taste without artificial additives, ideal for various Indian dishes like curries, lentils, and more.

Why Choose Spice Drops:

Experience the convenience and potency of this Red Chilli Extract; add a drop to elevate the flavor of your Indian dishes without compromising on authenticity or taste.